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Versagel® Mineral Oil Lip Gloss Base, 12 oz

The 12 oz Versagel® mineral oil lip gloss base is a great, standard product for creating stunning gloss. If you are looking for our Premium version, we still offer that. This is not it, this is a new economy product we are offering.
12 oz net weight. MADE IN THE USA on a FDA Registered Site.

This is for our new Versagel® ® mineral oil lip gloss base 12 oz option, perfect for those just starting their own lip gloss brand. It can be also used in other lotion and gel formulations. It also mixes well with oils.
This is a Vegan, gluten free + cruelty free product.

Rich consistency,  and colorless
No returns of cosmetic products.

What is the difference between Versagel M and Versagel ME

Versagel M - is mineral oil based. This type of Versagel® is a occlusive agent which create a physical barrier helping to trap moisture in the skin or hair. It is about half the viscosity (thickness) of our Versagel ME. It is basically gelled mineral oil. It does not absorb into the skin and has no other skin conditioning properties.

Versagel ME is a patented synthetic liquid. This is a Emollient - It not only works as a barrier, but also increases moisturization and plumpness, while decreasing scaling, lip lines and cracking, leaving skin soft and smooth (see study below). It is also a little more glossy than Versagel M

In the clinical study on Versagel® ME, moisture content of the lips was measured with a NOVA Dermal Phase Meter (NOVA DPM) which measures the moisture in the skin by measuring an electrical parameter (impedance). Measurements were taken on the right and left side of the lower lip to quantify the moisture content of the stratum corneum. Overall, there was a 61% improvement in lip moisture content in 1 week. Additionally, lip condition was graded by skilled clinician comparing all improvements to baseline. The clinical grading of lip condition correlated with the instrumentally measured.

improvement in skin moisturization in 1 week:
 Plumpness: Increased 45%
 Scaling: Decreased 27%
 Lip Lines: Decreased 62%
 Cracking: Decreased 22%
The high sensitivity of lip skin is well known and partly due to its much lower number of skin layers compared to regular skin. This makes lips highly susceptible to dryness. The excellent performance of Versagel ME in lip care applications is due to its exceptional mildness, moisturization and lip conditioning benefits

NOTE: All Versagel® is measured in weight, not volume. Please keep this in mind as the volume of our 12 oz Versagel® mineral oil lip gloss base may produce every so slightly different quantities from batch to batch.

What makes it so great for lip gloss?
Hydrogenated Polyisobutene is a synthetic liquid oil that can replace mineral oil or silicone oils in the cosmetic formulas. There are different grades depending on the molecular weight ranging from very light, volatile, non-residue leaving ones to more substantial, slight residue leaving ones.

Apart from leaving the skin soft and smooth (emollient), it's also used as a waterproofing agent in sunscreens or makeup products and as a shine enhancer in lip gloss formulas.

below is an excerpt from http://www.bagsundereyes.net/hydrogenated-polyisobutene/

What Is Hydrogenated Polyisobutene?
If you’re the kind of person who only uses all natural ingredients like honey, tea or oatmeal, then you’ve likely never used Hydrogenated Polyisobutene. All natural this compound is not, but it’s not dangerous at all. In fact, it does a lot to help your skin get hydrated and retain moisture. It’s not an uncommon thing at all and can be found in plenty of other products. Things like lip balm and general moisturizers have plenty of it, it just might not be called the same thing.

How It All Works

So, how does it work? Well, the key ingredient creates a barrier on your skin’s surface that locks in hydration. It keeps your skin fresh and reduces dryness. Unlike the more well known hyaluronic acid, which works on a completely different principle. HA works by creating moisture in the affected area. HP works by locking in the moisture that’s already there. If you put them both together, then you’ll have the most common list of ingredients in creams and balms from all over the world. Just like that, chemical compounds don’t sound as scary, and you’ve been using them for a big chunk of your life.

It’s also sometimes added to change the texture of any given product. It has the ability to increase the thickness of cream and make it feel smoother. When you find the cream that just feels good when you apply it, you should be thanking Hydrogenated Polyisobutene for that. It just vastly improved your opinion of something and gave you a much more pleasant experience.

Versagel M is Standard lip gloss base with moisture barrier only, and Versagel ME is Premium lip gloss base, with moisture barrier plus hydration and conditioning.