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No Probllama Lip Gloss Base Collection

SAFE FILLING! - No hand scooping of your buckets here!
All of our products are filled by high tech, enclosed systems, protecting the product from bacteria, virus, and other foreign objects.  Please note all gloss base is sold by weight NOT volume.

Introducing our brand new, ready to use, no oils needed lip gloss base - Redigloss. Ultra glossy, vegan, colorless, odorless, ultra moisturizing - Pure Awesome!

Versagel® gloss base is a great moisturizer for lip glosses and other cosmetic products such as lotion and gel formulations. The consistency of the clear lip gloss base is incredibly rich and smooth. On its own, it gives applicants a dewy, moisturized look without being too tacky-feeling or drying. With a few mix-ins to this lip gloss base pouch, you’ll have lip gloss ready to go in no time. Versagel® mixes well with various additives, including lip oils and pigments. This product is vegan, gluten-free, and cruelty-free. Buy your Versagel® gloss base easily through our online collection, which features various volume options to best suit your needs.

No returns of cosmetic products.