How To Calculate How Much Gloss Base You Need

It’s impossible to make just one lip gloss. It’s a process of trial and error, and when you hit on the perfect product, you’ll want to make more. To be efficient, you’ll need plenty of ingredients at the ready. Versagel is the key to your success, so make sure you know how to calculate how much gloss base you need. No math skills necessary!

How Many Lip Gloss Tubes Will You Make?

Well, you’ll probably want to experiment with ingredients and variables until you perfect your product. You can add more colors and finishes to your line and wrap up some as gifts. If you get lots of positive responses, consider stocking up on enough inventory to sell online. And then you’ll need samples to send out to influencers and reviewers—in short, you’ll need a lot of tubes.

Which Amount Is Right for You?

Guessing how much Versagel you’ll need isn’t a science. There are too many variables to be definitive, including tube size, brush size, and how many additives you want to include—pigment, essential oils, flavors, etc. These are estimates only, but for standard 10 ml tubes, here’s what you can expect:

  • 12-oz. pouch: 38 tubes
  • 3.5-lb. pouch: 190 tubes
  • 12-lb. tub: 652 tubes
  • 30-lb. tub: 1,645 tubes

If you’d rather use an all-inclusive No Prob-Llama Premium Lip Gloss Starter Kit, you’ll fill the included 12 squeezable tubes and 12 transparent tubes with brushes.

What About the Leftovers?

Don’t worry about making a mistake when you calculate how much gloss base you need. The shelf life for Versagel’s lip gloss base pouches and tubs is three years. If it comes to that, you can pace your lip gloss-making sessions or find other ways to use any leftovers. Versagel also works as an ideal moisturizer for other lotion and gel formulas.

When you decide what’s right for you, browse No Prob-Llama’s collections to shop for the ingredients you need. Start small or buy in bulk—whatever it takes to start your own unique cosmetics line.