A Brief Guide To Selling Makeup Online

Once you’ve perfected your cosmetic formulas, you’re probably impatient to start building a customer base. The fastest way to find your target demographic is on the internet, where consumers can buy anything with the push of a few buttons. A brief guide to selling makeup online can give you a solid start toward your own legendary beauty brand.

Brand Packaging

Consumers can click through ads and product pages without registering what they’re seeing. Create show-stopping packaging that reflects your brand: a signature logo, color, shape—and most of all, attitude. The containers should not only look gorgeous but function well, too, or your cosmetics may not even make it onto faces.

Source a Manufacturer

Even if you’ve been building up inventory from your kitchen, you should be ready to manufacture en masse if your business takes off. Research manufacturers both here and abroad, but be aware that the closer to home they are, the more you can keep an eye on the products that boast your name.

Paint a Picture

A professional photo shoot should showcase your cosmetics against a clean, white background. Show your makeup shades on as many skin tones as you can. And words are as crucial as visuals. The right keywords will help customers find your products through search engine optimization. Give them all the information they need to make a wise buying choice. Have written descriptions ready about the cosmetic’s texture, application, finish, and usage. Include ingredients, warnings for allergies, and any details that set your line apart.

Choose a Venue

Many websites make it as painless as possible to set up your online store. All you have to do is decide which one makes you comfortable.

Ecommerce Site Builders

Companies like Shopify help you build your own website with a template that you can customize by dragging and dropping elements onto your layout. The main challenge is attracting customers to your site, and getting Google to help you out by raising your profile takes a lot of strategy.

Online Marketplaces

The advantage of online marketplaces is that they have a built-in audience. Etsy.com, for instance, draws browsing shoppers in the same way a mall would—only virtually. You can get your products up for sale quickly without having to build your own site. The tradeoff is that the customer experience isn’t as unique as it would be with your own domain. Many sellers build a fan base on Etsy and then try to migrate them elsewhere, with varying levels of success.

No Prob-Llama loves watching DIY enthusiasts turn into beauty moguls. We want to help every step of the way, from your first bulk lip gloss base purchase to pigments and even packaging. This brief guide to selling makeup online is just the beginning of your journey to success. Look to our blog for more ideas and our collections for all the supplies you need.