The Easy Way To Fill Lip Gloss Tubes

Wearing your gorgeous new lip gloss isn’t the only satisfaction you’ll get from crafting it. Show off your custom creation in an elegant tube that will enhance its sophistication, or use more whimsical designs with glitter, rhinestones, and decorative crowns. You can see at a glance the color inside and ensure smooth application with the wand. Simple squeeze tubes are another great option for convenient, everyday use.

Once you learn the easy way to fill lip gloss tubes with a syringe and a pipette, you can tuck your product into your makeup kit or take it with you anywhere. Touch up your shine when you’re out and about, or use the attention-getting tubes to give others a sneak preview of your future cosmetics line. Here’s how to get started. Warning: it can get messy.

  • Make sure your tubes are sanitized. No Prob-Llama makes it a priority to offer lip gloss wand tubes that are thoroughly cleaned and sanitized during production, so they’re ready to be filled immediately.
  • Cut the bulb off one pipette, about one inch from the tip, and place the pipette over the syringe tip. A 60 ml syringe works well.
  • Remove the plunger from the syringe. Using a small spatula, spoon the lip gloss mixture out of its mixing bowl and into the syringe. Reinsert the plunger.
  • Take the wand and the plastic wipe ring out of your lip gloss tube. If there’s decorative detailing, you can protect it from any sticky mess with plastic wrap. Insert the tip of the syringe into the tube and squeeze slowly. Fill until it’s about half an inch from the top so you have room to put back the wiper and the wand.

If you need to clean the syringe for different lip gloss colors, start with paper towels to get rid of any excess you can reach. Remove the disposable pipette and squeeze some colorless Versagel into the syringe so you can push it through and eject the leftover color. (Use a container so that you can use this mixture as the start of another color.) Wipe again with a paper towel.

To more effectively clear out the tip, you can use a cotton swab or toothpick and small bits of cotton balls to reach inside. Any remaining Versagel can be thinned with an oil such as coconut, mineral, or castor. Follow up with soap and warm water.

If you are filling multiple lip glosses, you can use a filling tray with holes that can fit up to 50 tubes at once. It will stabilize them while you use a larger syringe to speed up the process.

No Prob-Llama offers supplies, kits, and tools so you can fill lip gloss tubes the easy way. Then you’ll dazzle the world with your smile and with your cosmetic packaging.