How To Choose the Best Lip Gloss Containers

When you care enough about beauty to make your own products, you need packaging that will reflect that passion. Keep function, convenience, and style in mind with this guide on how to choose the best lip gloss containers.

What Type Do You Want?

You can put on lip gloss with your fingers, a brush, an applicator, or straight from the tube—you have endless options.

Jars and Pots

If you’re creating a formula that’s thicker and firmer, a small jar will reinforce your lip gloss as an alternative to balm.

Rollerball Tubes

The consistency of your lip gloss is most important here. With a thinner formula, a rollerball is an easy one-step application. But anything too thick could clog up the rollerball or get sticky.

Squeeze Tubes

Lancome’s Juicy Tubes took these from basic to chic, and then dropped the mic.

Wand Applicator Tubes

These are popular because they turn the simple act of putting on lip gloss into a luxurious, feminine ritual.

What Size Do You Need?

Take a look at what you already have to get an idea of what you want. Tubes that are three ml might be better for samples and gifts. If you’re on the go, it might be difficult to slip anything bigger than 10 ml into your pocket. Bear in mind that there’s less lip gloss in a tube than you realize—that fuzzy “doe-foot” applicator takes up a lot of space.

What’s Your Style?

If you want to set yourself apart, there are plenty of ways to do it. Online, you can find lip gloss containers in some startling forms: umbrellas, baby bottles, ice drinks, and lots more. Do you want novelty packaging, or something more classic? That depends on what you want to say.

Bright novelty tubes appeal to a younger demographic, and beauty enthusiasts open to experimentation. Lip Smackers found international success with irreverent, eye-catching containers: oversized tubes worn around the neck, and shapes including crayons, emojis, and unicorns.

On the other end of the spectrum, many consider Mac the gold standard, but they’ve never wandered far from their basic transparent tube and black cap. The price of their lip gloss may be high, but it’s not going toward design research. A clear tube signals timeless beauty, simple luxury, and a focus on the product, not the marketing.

At No Prob-Llama, we love clear lip gloss tubes because you can identify the color at a glance, and show off your shimmering creation even before it reaches your lips. You can get your bling on by adding metallics, rhinestones, glitter, and bright accents. There’s always room for a smile with tubes that look like pencils, too.

No Prob-Llama has all the ingredients and packaging you need, but if you’re still not sure how to choose the best lip gloss containers, you can always give your product the movie-makeover-montage treatment: try them all, until you find the one you’d want to take to the prom.